Spring Chicken Christmas

Spring Chicken Christmas observations of family stress and strife during the festive season.

Card size - 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm, sold in packs of 5 cards by design with envelopes.

A donation of 10p per pack will be made to our nominated charity for each pack sold.


Christmas Card Pack - Lunch!

X12 - Pack of 5
It was an executive decision. I could send cards, buy gifts, wrap presents, find tree, mend lights, hang decorations or I could plan lunch...........Lunch lost. Happy Christmas!
Pack of 5

Christmas Card Pack - Aways Add Brandy!

X31 - Pack of 5
Always add Brandy to the Christmas pudding....On second thoughts - forget about the pudding.
Pack of 5

Christmas Card Pack - Perfection

X40 - Pack of 5
Well I have been pretty good actually...I was aiming for perfection, but it's a moving target!
Pack of 5

Christmas Card Pack - Have You Been Good?

X41 - Pack of 5
Have you been good? No I've been bad.........Even better!
Pack of 5

Christmas Card Pack - Presents for Men

X36 - Pack of 5
For Christmas, buy a man something with lots of buttons to press. And the children can show him how to use it.
Pack of 5

Spring Chicken Christmas Card - Save the receipt

X45 - Pack of 5
The important thing is not what you give, the important thing is to save the receipt.
Pack of 5