Cecily is someone that women will recognise, for Cecily's foibles are their own. Cecily diets, skips gym classes, sometimes drinks too much and worries about how she looks. She has bad hair days, occasionally consults her horoscope and struggles with technology. She is a modern woman who lives life to the full as she pursues career, friendship and love.


Greeting Cards - size 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm with white envelope


CE300 - Birthday - Second portion

CE301 - Birthday - Present

CE302 - Birthday - Age

CE303 - Birthday - Bubbles

CE304 - Birthday - Chocolates

CE305 - Arms not long enough

CE306 - Yoga

CE307 - Eat healthily

CE308 - Hot in bed

CE309 - Deja vu

CE310 - Wine, women, more wine

CE311 - Buy it

CE312 - So little time

CE313 - Cleared vision

CE314 - Lost in a book

CE315 - Glass half full

CE316 - Wasn't worth the risk

CE317 - Misplaced glasses

CE318 - Health campaign

CE319 -Gym class

CE320 - To do's

CE321 - Clothes shrinking