Pam Ayres Coasters


Gloss finish with black baize backing. Heat proof up to 140C.

Size: 99mm x 99mm


Pam Ayres Coaster - The Dog

The dog and I have put on weight,
My knee is shot, her paw’s not great,
Long walks we did, we loved to roam,
But now we wobble-hobble home.

Pam Ayres Coaster - Pilates

If you’ve let your body sag,
Pilates ought to be your bag,
Results are great and outlay small,
On your back in the village hall.

Pam Ayres Coaster - My Husband

They should have asked my husband,
he can sort out any mess,
He can rejuvenate the railways,
he can cure the NHS,
So any little niggle,
anything you want to know,
Just run it past my husband -
wind him up and let him go.

Pam Ayres Coaster - Drizzle Cake

This morning I resolve to bake,
A Mary Berry drizzle cake,
Down your way the sun may sizzle,
Round here there is heavy drizzle.